Split Rail Fencing

Split-Rail Fencing used to be primarily seen in rural and suburban areas, but now you see just about everywhere. For those of you who consider themselves a city dweller who wants a county look, split-rail is for you.

Now that doesn’t mean it is no longer used in rural areas. It is a perfect fence solution for livestock, farms, homesteads, and other property types that have lots of land.

Homeowners like split-rail fencing for its aesthetic value as well as its functionality. It will enhance your landscape, mark property lines, prevent livestock from leaving your property, keep animals out of your garden and can be used as a corral for horses just name a few. You can even use it to protect your children and pets by simply placing galvanized wire being the fence, closing off the spaces between the boards so there is no longer a space for exiting.


The two types of material sued for split-rail fencing are wood and vinyl. The disadvantage of wood is it warps and requires yearly maintenance. Vinyl on the other hand will not warp and it requires no maintenance, but it is more expensive up front then the wood option, that requires money for maintenance each year.