Custom Fencing

With the DIY craze we are seeing all types of variations of traditional fencing solutions. One of the more popular styles being the welded wire wood combination. It gives a fresh trendy feel to a welded wire fence.

This style of fence can be used just about anywhere and provides safety for your children and pets. If you recently purchased a home and have a beautiful view that you do not want compromised this is a great option. The welded wire fades out in the distance and leaves an open-air feeling. Allowing you to keep your view just the way you like it. The welded wire is strong enough to contain livestock and once framed with wood it will provide a strong fence solution to contain your pets with a beautiful country feel.

Once of the things that makes this type of fence such an appealing option is they can be custom made. Meaning no two fencing are the same. With hundreds of designs, you are sure to find just the right design to fit your home.


Wood and welded wire are the main materials used for this type of fencing solution. Cedar or Pine are the two most common types of wood used with a variation of heights and square sizes for the welded wire. Welded wire also comes coated in black vinyl if you are looking for something other then the galvanized wire look. Talk to one of our fencing specialist today and discover the perfect fence for your home!