Fencing Contractor in Jasper, AL

Are you looking to install or repair a fence on your property? Well, you’ve come to the right place! At C&E Fence, we specialize in fence and gate installations and repairs in Jasper, AL. Our team of experienced fencing contractors will work with you every step of the way, ensuring you understand what’s going on throughout each step of the installation or repair process. Are you on a tight budget? There’s no need to worry. We’ll make sure that you receive the highest quality services that fall within your desired budget. We even offer financing services to make it easier for you to establish your budget. Don’t forget to contact us for a free estimate to help you get started!

Our Eye-Catching Fences for Commercial and Residential Properties

If you live in the Jasper, AL, area, you likely have seen one of our eye-catching fences. We service both residential and commercial properties and give them high-quality, budget-friendly fences. Whether it’s fencing for your residential property or fencing needed for your school, we’ll put together a comprehensive game plan within your budget to accommodate your needs.

Vinyl Fence Installations

If you’re looking for a low maintenance, durable fencing option, vinyl fencing is a great option! Vinyl fencing is perfect for enclosing your backyard because it gives you extra privacy and additional security. Pros of Vinyl Fence: Varity of Styles Durable Wont rot, warp or splinter Low Maintenance Cons of Vinyl Fence: Moderately expensive Extreme Weather Tempter & Weather can damage Vinyl Repairs can be difficult.

Elegant Aluminum Fences

Ornamental Fencing Get the unique look of a wrought iron fence but with less maintenance when installing an aluminum fence on your property. Aluminum fences are great to add extra security to your yard. If your goal is to add elegance and beauty to your yard while enhancing security, consider installing an aluminum fence around your driveway, swimming pool, and more! Pros of Aluminum Fence: Beautiful Versatile Design Options Can be Painted or Powder Coating Durable Cons of Aluminum Fence: Expensive Can require a custom labor intensive installation Requires Powder Coating Limited Privacy.

Wood Fence Contractor in Jasper, AL

Wood Fencing If you’re looking for a simpler fencing option for your property, a wood fence will give you the privacy, security, and beauty that you’re looking for in a fence. Compared to other popular fencing options, wood fences tend to be more budget-friendly than other options. Many people love the versatility of wood fences, and they are very dependable in extreme weather conditions. Pros of Wood Fence: Attractive Versatile design Privacy Excellent sound barrier Durable in extreme weather Cons of Wood Fence: Maintenance can become expensive over time Requires stain reapplication every few years May rot due to inadequate maintenance, moisture, and age.

Chain Link Fencing

Do you need a simple and quick fencing solution? Although chain-link fences may look simple, they’re still highly durable and weather resistant. Install chain link fences around tennis courts, baseball fields, schools, and even your backyard! Chain-link fences can be used for various uses, they’re easily customizable, and they come in a wide range of styles! Pros of Chain Link Fence: Inexpensive Durable Maintenance free Security Deterrent Cons of Chain Link: Can be unattractive Limited Privacy Limited Design.

Wrought Iron Fence Installation

A wrought iron fence is built with security in mind. If your house has young children or pets, a wrought iron fence will help keep them safe in the yard while keeping any trespassers from getting in. Our customers also love adding a wrought iron fence to their yard because it adds extra security while pleasing to the eye. If you have questions about our fencing options, please give one of our fence contractors a call 256-841-6442.