Ornamental Fencing

Today, the majority of ornamental fence is ornamental aluminum.
Aside from aluminum, iron is also a popular choice for ornamental fencing.
It is the classic feel that attracts homeowners and property owners to wrought iron ornamental fencing.
Both aluminum and wrought iron are chosen to show off the landscaping of homes and commercial properties, offering a prestigious look and increasing the aesthetic appeal overall.

Aluminum Ornamental

Low Maintenance
Aluminum fencing is a great choice for the homeowner who wants lasting aesthetic appeal with very little upkeep. Unlike wood, aluminum fences never require painting or refinishing. Aluminum fencing also won’t rust, unlike materials like chain-link or wrought iron. Aluminum fences are also famously easy to clean
Aluminum fencing is cheaper than materials like steel or wrought iron. Unlike wood, which requires regular repair and replacement, aluminum stands the test of time. And while aluminum fencing costs more than wood fencing, its low-maintenance nature may save you money in the long run.
A couple of disadvantages of aluminum fence is the process of installing an aluminum fence takes a somewhat longer period than other fencing types. The aluminum fence requires its posts to be anchored in concrete and bolted using brackets. Aluminum fences also take longer to be delivered, typically 6-8 weeks after an initial order is made.

Iron Ornamental

Wrought iron fences offers an elegant look to pair with your home. They are a symbol of wealth that can be a terrific addition to a front or back yard. What’s more, iron fences are typically custom made, which means you can design your fence however you like, giving your landscape a unique look and feel that cannot be duplicated.
Wrought iron is a very strong and durable material It resists physical damage well. This can be a huge advantage in areas that have extreme weather conditions throughout the year. Wrought iron can withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at it without bending, buckling, denting.
Due to their strength and that they are generally topped with sharp ornamental spikes, wrought iron fences work well for security. The barrier will shield you from people and animals, which will help you feel safer at your residence.
Ornamental iron fences are an extremely popular fencing choice and for good reasons. Ornamental iron fences have a lot of positive features, but like any fence, iron fences come with their own set of negative attributes.
A disadvantage of iron ornamental fence is cost. As a symbol of wealth, wrought iron fences come at high prices. These exorbitant costs make often make them off limits for homeowners on a budget, who may opt for wood, vinyl, or aluminum as an alternative.